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Property Insurance FAQ's

If you suffered significant property damage to your home or business, our firm represents only policyholders such as yourself. We have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of policyholders against their own insurance companies and against negligent parties responsible for their damages.

If you were injured in a car accident, you would want to have an attorney help you recover from your injuries. Your home or your business may be your most valuable asset. If your home or your business suffers damage and the cost to repair or place the damaged property is more than $50,000, you may have a significant property damage claim and you should have a professional assist you.

Reservation of Rights letters are generally issued to allow an insurance company to investigate your claim without having to accept the responsibility to pay you until their investigation has been completed. A Reservation of Rights letter may signal an issue with coverage, which should be reviewed by an insurance coverage attorney such as the ones at Biller, Sachs & Robert.

If you receive a denial letter and you do not agree with the denial or do not understand the basis of the denial, you should contact our office to review the facts of the claim and the insurance company’s position. We can assist you in reviewing the loss and the insurance company’s reasoning for the denial. Denial letters also state the timeframe by which you must sue. It is important to remember that if your claim has been denied, you must file a lawsuit within the time set forth in your policy or your rights will be lost. We recommend you reach out to us for assistance if you disagree with the denial or need assistance requesting the insurance company reevaluate its position as soon as possible.

Each state regulates its insurance companies differently. In Connecticut, the timeframe to sue your insurance company used to be as little as one year. As a result of the efforts of a number of individuals, including the attorneys at Biller, Sachs & Robert, the Connecticut legislature has extended the timeframe to sue in most property claims to two years from the date of loss.

An Examination under Oath is permitted under most insurance policies and allows an attorney to question you concerning a wide variety of topics. Representation by an experienced insurance attorney is always recommended if an Examination under Oath has been requested.

Why You Need a Public Insurance Adjuster

There are two categories of adjusters: those hired by or employed by an insurance company and those hired by policyholders.

Company adjusters are employed by your insurance company. There are also "independent adjusters" who work only for insurance companies and not policyholders

Then there are public insurance adjusters who can legally work only for policyholders. A public insurance adjuster works as the insured policyholder’s advocate to prepare, document and submit a property claim to the insurance company. A public insurance adjuster will negotiate and settle your claim.

Only a licensed public insurance adjuster or an attorney admitted to practice in your state can negotiate and settle a property insurance claim on behalf of an insurer. A contractor, remediation company or anyone else who is not an attorney is not legally allowed to act as a public insurance adjuster.

Think about this: If you were injured due to the fault of another, you would not hesitate to hire an attorney to protect your rights. In comparison, your home or your business may be your most valuable asset. If it were damaged you need a professional who works for you and not for your insurance company. A licensed public insurance adjuster or an attorney experienced in claim handling can:

  • interpret your policy;
  • advise you concerning your coverage;
  • assist in having your damages documented and calculated; and
  • help assure you are obtaining the maximum benefits due you under your insurance policy.

Most public insurance adjusters are not attorneys and very few attorneys hold a public insurance adjuster license. Attorney Biller has held his public insurance adjuster license since he was 1978 and has represented policyholders through his law firm for over 35 years. He is in a very select category of being a policyholder attorney who is also a licensed public insurance adjuster.

At Biller, Sachs & Robert we have represented only policyholders for 35 years. Many public insurance adjusters, insurance agents, contractors, remediation companies, and other insurance professionals recommend their clients to Attorney Biller and his team when they encounter a problem or difficulty with an insurance company. The attorneys at Biller, Sachs & Robert know insurance policies and they know how to resolve insurance claims. When our firm is retained early in your claim, you won't need a separate public insurance adjuster or a contractor who is not legally allowed to negotiate for you. With our experience, your claim will be timely submitted, policy conditions complied with, and settlements maximized. It is our knowledge, experience, and reputation which can allow us to resolve your insurance claim informally and quickly. When you hire us you get the benefit of a public insurance adjuster with the knowledge of an attorney.

At Biller, Sachs & Robert many of the state's finest insurance adjusters and agents use our office for consultation, advice, and to help their own clients. We frequently work together with many of Connecticut’s top public insurance adjusters.

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