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Biller, Sachs, Robert & DeLaura provides legal services in the area of litigation. Our representation includes clients in general tort liability, negligence, breach of contract, product liability, insurance coverage, and agent malpractice.

The overwhelming majority of our clients’ claims are successfully resolved without the need to resort to litigation. When litigation becomes necessary our firm excels and has a proven track record. Our firm advocates for our clients in both state and federal courts.

Some of the results of our litigation are as follows:

In Northrop v. Allstate, one of Attorney Biller’s first trials, Biller, Sachs & Robert prevailed after trial and our client was awarded damages which Allstate had refused to pay. Allstate then filed an appeal, which was heard by the Connecticut Supreme Court. The firm briefed the case and argued the appeal successfully before the Connecticut Supreme Court. This case established legal precedent concerning withheld depreciation and has been cited throughout the country in support of policyholder claims. See Northrop v. Allstate Ins. Co., 247 Conn. 242, 720 A.2d 879 (1998).

In Mercedes Zee LLC v. Seneca Insurance Company, our firm litigated the denial of our client’s commercial damage building claim. The case involved insurance policy provisions relating to vandalism and theft. Biller, Sachs, & Robert successfully convinced Connecticut Federal District Court Judge Jeffrey Meyer that damage caused by vandals was covered under our client’s commercial property insurance policy where it was shown that the vandals attempted theft, broke items in the process, but were not able to actually remove the items damaged. Biller, Sachs, Robert & DeLaura again established legal precedent and turned the denial of coverage into a successfully paid claim. See Mercedes Zee Corp., LLC v. Seneca Ins. Co., 151 F. Supp. 3d 255 (D. Conn. 2015)

Our firm tried a bad faith and unfair insurance practice case against a major insurer who wrongfully underpaid our client’s claim. This case was tried by a jury in Stamford, Connecticut before the Honorable Charles Lee. After testimony by our bad faith expert, the case settled under a confidentiality agreement with very favorable results for our clients. In Williams v. Safeco the court established legal precedent as to the admissibility of evidence of unfair insurance practices on the part of the insurers. See Williams v. Safeco Ins. Co. of Am., No. FSTCV126016414S, 2015 WL 7421784, at *1 (Conn. Super. Ct. Oct. 28, 2015).

After two years of litigation, Attorney Biller tried the case of Housatonic Wire Co. v. Grozik, in which he represented a Plaintiff property owner who had his most valuable possession, his business and factory, destroyed in an inferno accidentally set by workers. After trial, the Court rejected the insurance company’s claim that the property was of no value and entered judgment for our client in the amount of $936,273. With offer of compromise, interest added the defendants were facing a judgment plus interest of $1,088,730. The defendants took an appeal but then agreed to pay $962,000. This case was singled out by the Connecticut Law Tribune in its August 13, 2013 edition for the important precedent it set regarding the valuation of building damages and the liability of tortfeasors for environmental conditions caused by their negligence. The full article can be read here: Housatonic Wire

While the overwhelming percentage of Biller, Sachs, Robert & DeLaura's practice is against insurance companies and on behalf of victims of serious personal injuries, occasionally our litigation practice requires us to defend our clients against unscrupulous contractors and others. In this case, our client was without insurance when it was wrongfully sued. Biller, Sachs, Robert & DeLaura successfully drafted and argued a motion for summary judgment which was granted by the court allowing for the dismissal of all of the claims against our client. See Carter v. Patel, No. KNLCV196039300, 2020 WL 6161546, at *3 (Conn. Super. Ct. Sept. 15, 2020). Recently, our firm defended a homeowner facing a mechanic’s lien foreclosure by a contractor. Biller, Sachs, Robert & DeLaura successfully filed an application to discharge the mechanic’s lien based on the failure of the contractor to comply with the provisions of the Home Improvement Act and the Court granted our application, discharging the lien and leaving the contractor to face claims for breach of contract and unfair trade practices. See Goldberg, Debora et al v. PC Restoration LLC, No. KNLCV206045603S, (Conn. Super. Ct. April 21, 2021).

Our firm has a wide variety of trial and appellate experience. Our aggressive, highly competent litigation team has a very successful resolution record. Our attorneys practice in all Connecticut Superior Courts, the Connecticut Appellate Court, Connecticut Supreme Court, and Connecticut Federal District Court.

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