Verdicts & Settlements

Representing Clients in Complex Litigation Matters

Verdicts and Settlements

Biller, Sachs, Robert & DeLaura has recovered multiple millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. The overwhelming majority of our client’s matters are resolved without the need for litigation. In large part this is due to our successful track record and our willingness to vigorously litigate our client’s claims to their conclusion when it is in our client’s best interest to do so.

In the first and very challenging personal injury case Attorney Biller tried, our client was given a ticket for making an improper left turn. With no money offered and over a $100,000 in medical bills Attorney Biller tried this case to a jury of six in New Haven Superior Court on behalf of our client who had suffered a traumatic brain injury. Not until Attorney Biller’s closing argument did the defendant finally agree to fairly and fully compensate our client. Since that time the firm has resolved many injury cases with excellent results and always to our client’s satisfaction.

In the area of insurance coverage litigation, the firm is known nationally for having established legal precedent favorable to policyholders. We are often referred matters from other attorneys, insurance agents, contractors, and public insurance adjusters. This is due to our firm’s reputation and knowledge in insurance law and our ability to obtain outstanding results.

If you have a significant insurance-related matter or have been the victim of a serious personal injury we can help you.

  • Recovery of approximately a half million dollars in a strict products liability action after a house fire. This resolution was obtained on behalf of our homeowner clients against the opposing party and was obtained after liability had been denied and litigation had to be commenced.
  • Recovery for life insurance policyholders who were misled by their life insurance agent.
  • A settlement after a mediation for thirteen times the insurance carrier’s initial estimate for water damage to a residence.
  • A settlement for homeowners after a mitigation company damaged their home and personal property. In this matter, our firm also successfully discharged an invalid mechanic’s lien filed by the company against the homeowners.
  • A six-figure settlement for homeowners who suffered significant damage to their property after a neighbor’s pool collapsed.
  • A confidential settlement against a local utility company for property damage, which claim was originally denied.
  • A settlement in the full amount of the insured’s damage estimates after denial from the insurance carrier for a law and ordinance claim.
  • A settlement in excess of $350,000, which was 15 times the defendant’s initial offer for a homeowner who suffered a construction defect after hiring a contractor to perform work at his home.
  • A settlement in four consolidated cases by insureds against Liberty Mutual for the full estimate of damages claimed by the insureds plus additional funds for extra-contractual damages.
  • A resolution for the full amount of insurance available as a result of a fatal motor vehicle collision.
  • A confidential settlement for a personal injury matter for sixteen times the original offer after a passenger in a motor vehicle suffered a head injury.
  • A multimillion-dollar resolution of a thumb amputation as a result of an industrial incident. In this case, our client was able to avoid the limitations imposed under workers’ compensation and was able to make a direct claim for negligence against the responsible party. A settlement for a client with his underinsured automobile insurer for an amount four times the initial offer.
  • A settlement for a client with the insurance company of the driver who rear-ended him on the highway for more than double the initial offer from the insurance company.
  • A settlement for a client injured in a motor vehicle collision who had a history of prior injuries that were aggravated as a result of the collision. The settlement was for three times the initial offer made by the other driver’s insurance company.
  • A $100,000 settlement for a client insured in a motor vehicle accident with her underinsured automobile insurer, which originally offered less than $20,000.
  • A $150,000 settlement for a client with the underinsured motorist insurer for the remaining policy limits.
  • A $400,000 settlement after a mediation for a client who suffered serious injuries to his back after a motor vehicle collision.
  • A confidential settlement for a client compensating her for injuries she suffered at a commercial shopping facility where the landlord and property maintenance company disputed liability.
  • A confidential settlement for a client who was hit by another driver where liability was disputed and through evidence missing from the police report, the other driver admitted liability.
  • A multimillion-dollar resolution of a homeowner claim where the original offer of approximately two-million dollars was trebled as a result of our firm’s efforts.
  • A half a million dollar resolution of a homeowner’s insurance claim that was originally denied.
  • A half a million dollar resolution of a commercial dental practice insurance claim where a contractor negligently caused damages.
  • A half a million dollar resolution of total fire loss insurance claim to a North Haven, Connecticut homeowner whose home was destroyed due negligence of a construction company.
  • A $600,000 recovery for an eastern Connecticut condominium association that was originally offered $10,000 by its property insurer.
  • A half a million dollar damage claim paid for damage to an insured’s home when a tree fell on it during a windstorm causing the roof to collapse.
  • A $450,000 payment to an individual who lost all of her life valuables due to the fault of another where liability was denied.
  • A quarter of million dollar recovery as a result of an oil spill and diminution of value to a Norwalk home where liability was denied.
  • A million dollar settlement of a fire loss claim originally denied based on allegations of arson.
  • A multimillion-dollar resolution of a homeowner claim of a fire loss in Avon, Connecticut which was originally denied for fraud.
  • A multimillion-dollar resolution of a municipal sewage treatment facility claim. As a result of the Firm’s efforts, our client recovered almost three times the amount of the initial offer.
  • Trial of a denied homeowner’s claim from Westport, Connecticut where claims of bad faith and unfair insurance practices resulted in a confidential settlement as well as an important insurance precedent favorable to policyholders.
  • A multimillion-dollar resolution of a fire loss claim in Prospect, Connecticut. This loss involved damage to irreplaceable artwork and custom-made furniture.
  • A multimillion-dollar resolution of a commercial building collapse in New London County.
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