Agent Errors and Coverage Omissions

Representing Clients in Complex Litigation Matters

Agent Errors and Coverage Omissions

Most people believe that you can trust your insurance agent's judgment when it comes to issues such as determining the proper amount of coverage, and for the appropriate steps to file a claim. The reality is insurance agents make mistakes just like everyone else. The problem is that when an insurance agent makes a mistake, it can cost you your home or business.


Biller, Sachs & Robert has represented many clients in professional malpractice claims involving agents and brokers. Claims against agents and brokers can involve a failure to obtain insurance or the failure to obtain the right kind or the correct amount of insurance. Claims against agents and brokers can become complex because of the underlying insurance issues involved and because often agents and brokers have very high deductibles which affect the ability to settle claims involving them. At Biller, Sachs & Robert, we have acquired specialized knowledge and expertise over the years in handling claims against agents and brokers and we have successfully recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients where an agent or broker has failed to adequately protect our client’s rights and interests.


You should not have to pay for your insurance agent's mistakes. Contact the attorneys at Biller, Sachs, & Robert at 203-281-1717. We have successfully sued insurance agents and brokers for their negligence in failing to procure proper or adequate insurance coverage.

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