Appraisal Award Vacated Due to its Untimely Rendering

Attorneys Jon Biller and Michael LeMoult of Biller, Sachs, Zito & LeMoult, successfully argued for another Connecticut policyholder. Recently, Attorneys Jon Biller and Michael LeMoult were successful in overturning an unsatisfactory appraisal award because that the award was not timely rendered. Pursuant to Connecticut General Statute § 52-416(a), an appraisal award must be rendered within thirty days of the last meeting of the appraisal panel.  In Claudine Williams v. Allstate Insurance Company, Attorneys Biller and LeMoult filed a motion to vacate an appraisal award in Middletown Superior Court because the award was not properly signed within thirty days of the final meeting of the appraisal panel. While the appraisal award was timely signed by the umpire, the Plaintiff’s policy required that two appraisers agree on the award. As that did not occur until more than thirty days had passed, Attorneys Biller and LeMoult argued that the award be vacated for being untimely rendered.

Judge Domnarski agreed with Attorneys Biller and LeMoult that under Connecticut law, an appraisal award should be vacated if not timely rendered pursuant to Connecticut General Statute § 52-416(a). Because the award in Williams was not timely signed by two members of the appraisal panel, the Court vacated the award. A copy of Judge Domnarski’s order can be found here. This decision marks another successful argument made by Attorneys Biller and LeMoult for a Connecticut policyholder.

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